May 16, 2021

The communs ask to investigate the cases of alleged sexual harassment of the former Bosch cabinet chief

The spokesman of the communes, Joan Mena, has requested an investigation on Monday of cases of alleged sexual harassment of the former chief of staff of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Generalitat, Alfred Bosch, and that the Government and ERC clarify what happened.

Asked at a press conference, Mena has defended the need to achieve a “strong firm commitment of all political forces to expel machismo and sexist aggressions from all democratic institutions and forces.”

He said it after ERC ceased in January the former Bosch cabinet chief, Carles Garcias, after opening a file for “macho behaviors”, in an investigation that the party keeps open, has published the ‘Ara’ and explained the game .

As to whether the comuns have a protocol against sexist violence within their training, he stressed that the new CatComú executive was established a few months ago and that this is “the first task entrusted” to the management, so they will soon have the protocol ready, has guaranteed.

Mena, who has assured that they have not registered cases in the training, underlined this Sunday was of “feminist historical struggle” for International Women’s Day, and has argued that the central government already responds to these claims, but that the Government of JxCat and ERC suspend in feminism.

He considers that “feminism is the strongest movement to stop the extreme right” and, asked about the statements of the Vox leader, Santiago Abascal – linked immigration with the aggressions, among other statements -, has advanced that they will ask their legal advisors to study whether they may have crossed red lines of legality, in their words.

“Any person who denies sexist violence and does so in the way that Mr. Abascal did, is in some way crossing red lines,” he said, asked about the matter, and charged against the cynicism that he believes demonstrate parties. They have agreements with Vox, but they demonstrated on Sunday.

Regarding the expulsion of representatives of Cs from the 8M demonstration in Madrid, he has argued that “what was thrown out was cynicism”, since he believes that his assistance represented a political cynicism that many people no longer tolerate.


He recalled that his training is committed to Congress opening an investigation commission “on the alleged corruption” of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, and that he believes he can do it because it is a matter of public interest, so monarchical forces should be the first interested in clarifying, according to him.

Mena recalled that, before seeking support among the other parties, this request must overcome the filter of the Congressional Bureau: “We would like it not to be blocked”, because it is not about investigating rumors or leaks, but an issue the Swiss Public Prosecutor’s Office investigates, the spokesman for the communs, who are part of the PSOE Government and United Podemos, stressed.

Asked about the dialogue table between the central government and the Catalan, he has predicted that it will be convened in the next two weeks in Barcelona – he has remarked that it is a decision that executives must make–, and has celebrated: “We comply with the need to restore normal relations between the State Government and that of Catalonia “.


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