The Community of Madrid, which is unaware of the harassment in Villaverde, will investigate it

The Community of Madrid, which is unaware of the harassment in Villaverde, will investigate it

The Educational Inspection of the Community of Madrid will open a file of information reserved to determine what happened in a secondary education institute in Villaverde, where on 15 December fifteen students were arrested for allegedly harassing two brothers, Efe sources have reported. Ministry of Education.

According to these sources, the Ministry "has no record of anything published" or know the institute referred to by an information published today by the newspaper "El Mundo" and confirmed by the Police.

The file will be opened to know what center it is and the details of the case, said the source of Education.

Police sources have reported that on 15 December last fifteen minors were arrested, aged between 14 and 16 years, for harassing two brothers aged 13 and 15, most of them students from an institute in the Villaverde district, whom they attacked , they harassed and humiliated.

According to these sources, the detainees recorded their harassing actions with their mobile phones to their victims and spread them through social networks.

Due to the mistreatment suffered, the two minors had stopped attending the institute for more than a month.

The arrests were made on December 15 when the brothers were in the doorway of their house and the group of detainees began to stone them.

Faced with this situation, the boys' family called the police who arrested the fifteen aggressors. As reported by the newspaper "El Mundo", the father of the victims acknowledged the agents that he had never reported but confirmed that his children suffered such attacks and had stopped going to school because of fear.

After the arrest, the minors were transferred to the Judicial Police Children's Group and placed at the disposal of the Office of the Child Prosecutor for an alleged offense of bullying.

The Community of Madrid said this morning that it is focused on everything that has to do with the improvement of coexistence in the classrooms and the fight against bullying and recalls that in 2016 a plan of shock was approved with many concrete measures where he "works intensely".

And he adds that, according to the latest available data, cases of harassment registered in the classrooms have been reduced by 38%.


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