December 4, 2020

The Community of Madrid maintains that it has the authorization of the Government to close the region during the bridges

The Government of the Community of Madrid ensures that it has received authorization from the Executive of Pedro Sánchez to close the borders of Madrid only during the next two bridges, as requested by Isabel Díaz Ayuso this Wednesday. The Madrid president had given the order to close the borders of autonomy this morning without waiting for the Government. Now, sources from the Madrid Executive maintain to that this authorization has already been produced.

The PP leader announced around noon that she had already ordered the closing of the autonomy borders only on the days that correspond to the Puente de Todos los Santos (November 31, 1 and 2) and La Almudena (7,8 and 9 November), despite the fact that this option is not contemplated in the state of alarm decree that establishes that a minimum of seven days.

In addition to the Community of Madrid, Catalonia had also opted for a similar model but only for municipalities. The Government of Joaquim Torra has announced the closure of autonomy for 15 days, in addition to a perimeter confinement of cities for the weekends.

Ayuso closes the borders of the Community of Madrid even though he is against the measure and defends that it has not “been proven” that it works to contain the spread of the virus.


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