The Community of Madrid launches its alternative to parental veto - La Provincia

The Ministry of Education will send on Monday to the educational centers instructions that establish the obligation to make public prior to the start of the admission process for the course that comes the complementary and extracurricular activities, measure aimed at strengthening the freedom of choice of center in front of parental veto proposed by Vox.

This instruction, advanced by the newspaper 'El Mundo' and to which Europa Press has had access, states that before the admission process the educational project of the center, the internal regulations and the rules of coexistence will be disseminated on the website of the centers and educational programs, "including complementary and extracurricular activities".

"Noting the usual ones, the resources and the complementary services of the center, which appear in the annual general program of the current course, as well as the information related to the activities recorded in the memory of the previous course," notes the document prepared by the department he directs Enrique Ossorio.

The guidelines of the Ministry establish that before the start During the period of submission of applications for admission, families can obtain information on the affiliation of centers through the educational centers and the website of the Community of Madrid.

"During the ordinary admission process, each center held with public funds will keep exposed in a visible place information regarding the centers to which it is linked by means of affiliation. Specifically, in the case of public schools, each center will inform the families of students who attend 6th grade of Primary Education about the secondary Secondary Education Institutes, either in the preferred modality or in the multiple modality, as appropriate in each case, so that the families can decide if they make use of said priority for the admission process for the 2020/2021 course, "the letter adds.

Precisely the Minister of Education has stressed on several occasions that this reinforcement of information on extracurricular and complementary activities before the start of the course was stipulated in the investiture agreement signed with Vox.

"The right that assists parents will be guaranteed so that their children receive the moral and religious formation according to their convictions, as it is contemplated in article 27.3 of the Constitution. For this, mechanisms will be introduced that guarantee the non-interference of public authorities in the education of our children, "deepened Vox's proposal to support the investiture of the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Condition to approve budgets

Monastery has emphasized during the last dates that the implantation of the parental veto was a "fundamental" condition in order to support the project of regional budgets of 2020 elaborated by the regional Executive.

Given this, Ossorio said that this condition did not appear in the investiture agreement and stressed that there are hardly any complaints from parents regarding the content of these complementary and extracurricular activities. He explained that this previous information was going to be increased with the dissemination of the data of these activities, so it was up to the parents to choose the center based on that information.

In fact, on January 17 he defended "transparency" so that parents can learn about the ideology and activities of schools in the admission phase, in front of the parental veto that Vox poses, aspect that is reflected this Monday with the referral of these instructions.

Both Ayuso and the regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, have ruled out Vox's proposal by stressing that educational freedom in the region is "guaranteed" and that there is no "indoctrination" in the classrooms In consecuense, they see the approach devised by Vox as unnecessary.

In contrast, last Friday Monasterio insisted that the application of the parental veto is a "fundamental point" in the negotiation of regional budgets and believes that it will be finally accepted because he does not believe that the regional government will side with the Minister of Education Isabel Celaá, what "Defend that children are not from parents."


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