The Community of Madrid could sanction Podemos for the Plaza Mayor video

The Community of Madrid could sanction Podemos for the Plaza Mayor video

The Community of Madrid will open preliminary proceedings to study and, where appropriate, sanction the use of the Plaza Mayor to project a video of Podemos since, according to the regional president, Ángel Garrido, the training did not request the corresponding authorization from the Local Commission of Historical Heritage.

Garrido commented that this authorization was necessary since the Plaza Mayor is declared a Cultural Interest Site (BIC), but the permit "has not been granted or requested."

"From the Community of Madrid we will open preliminary proceedings to study what has happened," he told the media after attending the ceremony of delivery of the new Social Assistance Aid of the Mutua Madrileña Foundation.

Sources of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports have explained to Efe that after studying the case the technicians will decide if it is appropriate to establish a sanction or not.

The same sources have indicated that it will be necessary to determine if the City Council of Madrid or Podemos have breached Article 42 of the Historical Heritage Law of the Community of Madrid.

This article establishes as a minor infringement of up to 60,000 euros the actions or interventions on assets lacking the corresponding authorization.

The facade of the House of the Bakery, in the Plaza Mayor, served on Saturday night projection screen of a large format images of "Bárcenas papers", which for two hours showed notes of the PP treasurer on payments to "M. Rajoy" or "R. Rato", and another image with Pedro Sánchez and Albert Rivera and the legend "but do not conform either".

The next day, Podemos was attributed the authorship of the screening, which is part of the campaign designed by the purple party with the slogan 'Do not come back'.

"It has been an absolutely lamentable episode of using public space in a perverse way," said Garrido, who has criticized the "political and propaganda goals" of this action.

According to the Madrid City Council, the screening of the video did not have an "express" authorization to carry out this action, so it will proceed to review the file, although the deputy and deputy speaker of Podemos in the Congress, Ione Belarra , has affirmed that the party obtained from the Consistory "all the permits".


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