The Community of Madrid cancels the Madrid Puro Reggaeton festival and leaves 35,000 people on the air

The Community of Madrid has denied permission to hold the Madrid Puro Reggaeton festival less than a day before its celebration, sources from the organization have confirmed to this newspaper. The event was scheduled for July 15 and 16 at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium and has not received a license from the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso due to its security plan, which they will try to correct in the next few hours so as not to leave the almost 40,000 people who had bought their ticket.

These same sources receive the news with “shock and surprise”, after the stage was already set up on the Atlético de Madrid soccer field. “It is incredible that they do this to an undeniable historical and cultural event, such as the farewell of the legend of Latin music, Daddy Yankee,” the organization lamented late on Thursday, since it was one of the two only concerts that the reggaeton player will give in Europe before retiring.

The organization assures in a statement sent to the press that the festival was ready to open its doors at 4:15 p.m. on Friday, that it had the certificate of cultural interest from the Madrid City Council and had already paid the celebration fee to the community . However, at nine o'clock on Thursday night, Madrid Puro Reggaeton had not yet informed the attendees or made a statement about it on their social networks. The only clue was received when the festival website stopped working.

“From this promoting company [Con la música a otra parte 2020 AIE] We cannot understand or accept that the announcement of preventing the celebration of this festival is due to technical issues”, they say, arguing that the Wanda Metropolitano hosts events with the same or greater number of attendees without “registering incidents or causing problems for the security of the people". In fact, they accuse them of "a clear lack of will in the regional Administration for this event to take place" and of asking for "more and more documentation".

“First thing tomorrow, July 14, we are going to present, at the request of the Community of Madrid, a new improved and expanded security plan, and it will depend on the Administration whether the festival is held or, on the contrary, is cancelled”, they warn.

A bumpy festival

Although they point to the Community of Madrid, the festival has been giving continuous lurches in recent months. Neither the artists, nor the venue, nor the conditions or the price of the tickets were those that were announced in 2020, when it was first released. The last minute changes and the losses of the poster have set the tone for an event in which Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, Morad, Bad Gyal and other banners of the urban genre were going to meet. For this reason, Madrid Puro Reggaeton had already angered a good part of the attendees and registered the first consumer complaint by Facua.

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, where everything was ready to open the doors this Friday, was the location that was announced two days in advance, last Wednesday. Until then it was going to be held at the Caja Mágica, where the Río de Babel festival was held a few days before without any problems. “As you know from other events, in the previous venue we had certain limitations that were going to prevent you from enjoying yourself in the best possible way”, they announced without mentioning which ones and before revealing that they were moving to the Atlético de Madrid football stadium.

The great change was not accompanied by a display of information. Nor did they have a plan that reflected the restaurant areas, bars, bathrooms or emergency exits. The only thing that Madrid Puro Reggaeton reported is that they will not allow food or drink to be introduced, not even a bottle of water, which has cost them a complaint by the consumer organization Facua.

“It is an abusive clause that we have denounced before the Community of Madrid, the Consumer Office of Madrid and Andalusia, since the organizing company has its headquarters in Granada”, declared its president, Rubén Sánchez. “It would have to be stopped because, as long as it carries out this practice, it can be subject to a significant fine,” Facua's spokesman warned.

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