The Community has not suspended, the rules have been changed mid-game

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, asked this Sunday that "it be clear" that the Valencian Community "has not suspended any examination or has done anything wrong" so that it does not pass as a whole to phase 1 of the de-escalation tomorrow, rather, the rules of the game have been changed mid-game.

After participating in the conference of regional presidents with the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, Puig pointed out at a press conference that the Community fulfilled the technical criteria required to pass its entire phase, among which it did not appear, as requested now , test suspects with mild symptoms for a coronavirus.

The president has affirmed that he will not make this matter a "confrontation", but he has warned that "loyalty is not submission", and has demanded both the Minister of Health and Pedro Sánchez to study again the de-escalation plan sent by the Community so that "the decision taken is reversed as soon as possible".

He regretted that the 232-page report of the Ministry of Health - which is to be posted on its website - has not received a "written" response from the Ministry, which is not "serious or rigorous", and has insisted on that, instead of giving "explanations for pills", they should be told in writing and with "objective criteria" why they only advance from phase 10 of the 24 health departments.

Puig has assured that the Generalitat has so far been "proactive, respectful and loyal" with the Government of Spain, and will continue to be so, but stressed that "co-governance, co-responsibility and cooperation" is required, which requires " transparency, reciprocity and objective rules ".

The president has stated that he hopes that "sooner rather than later" the Ministry will send them the report they have requested "as active, passive and peripheral" with the scientific reasons why the Community does not go through the phase, and has stated that it does not believe that there is "specific mistreatment" or "animosity" towards this region, nor does it see "conspiracy theories" or "conspiracy".


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