March 9, 2021

The Community depends on Vox and nobody understands what is playing

The Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís (Citizens), has assured that her party "has done everything she could do" to launch a regional government whose release "depends on Vox", whom she has accused of being "playing" at something that "nobody understands".

Upon his arrival at the Madrid Assembly, which has held a full inauguration without a candidate, Villacís stressed that "Vox right now has the responsibility to be due to all the people of Madrid and not just to his party," and has called it "incomprehensible". "The position adopted by the right-wing party.

"No one can say that Ciudadanos has not done everything he could do to give a government to this region," said Villacís.

In the opinion of the deputy mayor, the regional negotiation is "on the same spot" as in the City of Madrid a day before the investiture of José Luis Martínez-Almeida (PP) as mayor, and stressed that the Consistory "already they are starting to do things "that were" stopped "with the municipal government of Manuela Carmena.

So far, Vox, which demands the signing of a "single program" in three bands, has refused to support the coalition government pact made by the PP and Citizens and, therefore, the hypothetical investiture of the popular Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who he needs the votes of the formation of Santiago Abascal so that his candidacy will prosper.

Ayuso is only insured for the moment the votes in favor of the PP (30) and Citizens (26), and would not reach a sufficient majority without the support of the 12 deputies of Vox.

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