June 21, 2021

The ‘commons’ will bring to Congress and Parliament a legislative offensive to “guarantee transparency” of the Royal Household

In Comú Podem, the Catalan referent of United We Can, this Thursday announced a legislative offensive in Congress and in Parliament to “guarantee full transparency” on the accounts of the Royal House “, as well as” regulate the role of the monarchy ” . “There are many shadows and opaque areas that allow what has happened to happen,” the president of Unidas Podemos in Congress and headliner of the Catalan confluence in the 2019 elections, assured at a press conference. In similar terms, the president of the group Catalunya en Comú Podem in the Parliament, Jéssica Albiach, who has defended that “republicanism is not just words, also fight corruption. Even that of the head of state. ”

Pedro Sánchez stops the aspirations of Unidas Podemos for a referendum on the monarchy

Pedro Sánchez stops the aspirations of Unidas Podemos for a referendum on the monarchy

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It will be precisely in the Parliament where this offensive is launched. This same Friday an extraordinary plenary session on the monarchy will be held at the request of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, after the announcement of the Royal House that Juan Carlos de Borbón has moved out of Spain. A fact that has occurred in the middle of a “pandemic, a social and economic crisis, and with people afraid of not making it to the end of the month,” as Albiach recalled. “We have known the corruptions, commissions and investigations for fraud and money laundering. And now, his flight,” he pointed out.

After questioning that Pedro Sánchez spoke “on behalf of the socialists” last Tuesday, when defended the performance of the Royal House Faced with the scandals surrounding the emeritus king, Albiach has wondered where Miquel Iceta, leader of the PSC, is, and has applauded the initiative of the Socialist Youths, organically alien to the PSOE, to demand a referendum on the model of the Head of State.

The two motions for resolutions that the common to the Plenary this Friday they will discuss the king’s “fight against corruption and inviolability”, and the position of the other groups in the autonomous chamber before a “consultation on the Head of State and the proposal for a multinational republic” . In his opinion, “the only alternative so that Felipe VI is not another Juan Carlos I is a republic.”

“Democracy, transparency and accountability”

The president of the United We can group, for his part, has assured that his is “a republican party” that aspires “to a plurinational republic.” But he immediately recognized that they are “aware of the correlation of forces” that exists in Congress and that they are “the minor partner of a coalition government with the PSOE, which is a monarchist party and that defends the continuity of the monarchy” , while they want “that the people choose monarchy or republic”.

We will work to change the “parliamentary” correlation of forces so that it better represents what the majority of the citizenry thinks, which is in favor of a referendum, “Asens added. Meanwhile, he anticipated,” we must promote initiatives that have to do with the principles of democracy, transparency and accountability. ”

These initiatives will come in September in a battery of legislative proposals “to control the figure of the monarch.” In September, the confederal group will register a bill “that develops the Title II of the Constitution, which regulates “in little detail” in the opinion of the leader of the common the role of the Crown. “There are many shadows and opaque areas that allow what has happened to happen,” Asens lamented.

The deputy has broken down the objectives of the proposal. “Guarantee full transparency on the accounts of the Royal House,” he said. That is to say, to know not only the budgetary allocation, but “the private trips, the patrimony of its members and that their accounts go to the Court of Accounts”. “We want to know the real cost of the Royal House”, he added.

In addition, they are committed to “expressly prohibiting members of the Royal Family from acting as intermediaries or opening accounts abroad”; that the Head of State, the king, has to “render accounts” annually before Congress; define expected causes of disablement in article 59.2 of the Constitution, as well as eliminating “the afarment and all the prerogatives and privileges that surround the function of the Head of State.”

In this sense, the common They will propose “that one cannot appeal to inviolability and irresponsibility when speaking of private acts”, as Juan Carlos de Borbón has referred to them in the letter announcing his departure from Spain to his son. Also the “repeal of the crime of insults and slander to the Crown, applying the jurisprudence of the Court of Strasbourg”, as well as the “withdrawal of the status of king emeritus” to the father of the current king will be raised.

“Society demands more democracy and transparency at a time as delicate as the one we are in,” said Asens, who has insisted on the message launched in recent days by the main leaders of United We Can on the way in which the organization has acted. socialist part of the government. “We do not share how things have been done. Pedro Sánchez has not acted as president of a coalition government, but rather as president of a government of the PSOE, of the 78 regime, of bipartisanship,” said Asens, who acknowledged that Sánchez informed Pablo Iglesias of the negotiations with the Royal Household in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, a day after the announcement of the departure of Juan Carlos I.

“It seems to us a high disloyalty. Not only has he not shared the decision to help the king go, but they have not informed us of the circumstances of this operation” before it was known by the press, he has settled.


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