Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

The commons demand the Govern to extend the guaranteed income of citizens

The commons demand that the Government of the Generalitat expand the guaranteed income of citizens (RGC) for people who are running out of income due to the coronavirus crisis. The Catalan parliamentary group En Comú Podem has submitted to the Catalan Executive a proposal for a decree-law to extend the provision and to speed up the bureaucracy necessary to benefit from it. His idea is that the RGC is not denied “in any case” due to lack of documentation or “due to possible doubts about the concurrence of the requirements”.

Along these lines, another point in your document plans that post-alarm requests only need to prove 30 days of financial insufficiency and that all previous requests be resolved. After the state of alarm ends, according to his proposal, there would be three more months of validity of the aid and the door opens to review the requests and the aid delivered when the crisis ends, to check whether families should continue to collect or not provision.

That “people without income for months, with nothing in their pockets” should not be left and that “the right to a minimum income should be guaranteed now,” asked its deputy spokesperson, Marta Ribas. “We must bear in mind that there are families who have run out of resources, who have been left behind. We cannot allow this situation to lengthen in time ”, he adds in a video.

The deputy believes that the Government of Quim Torra has not taken the necessary measures so that the RGC can be processed despite the fact that the offices of the servei d’occupació de Catalunya (SOC) are closed. For this reason, he points out that “a golden opportunity” is being lost. .

The commons are in constant contact with various departments of the Catalan Executive during this coronavirus crisis, as their leader in Parliament, Jéssica Albiach, explained yesterday in the online information session with the president and the consellers.

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