August 13, 2020

The Commons celebrate "coincidences" with JxCat and ERC for a "pact of clarity"

The parliamentary president of Catalonia in Comú Podem, Jéssica Albiach, today celebrated having found "coincidences" with JxCat and ERC in their proposal to work for a "pact of clarity" in Catalonia that results in "an agreed and internationally recognized referendum" .

In a press conference after the meeting of the "Space for dialogue" convened by the Catalan president Quim Torra, at the Palau de la Generalitat, Albiach recalled that the proposal for a "pact of clarity" was taken to the Parliament by the commons had the favorable vote of ERC and the abstention of Junts per Catalunya.

Even so, he lamented that "despite these coincidences" the commons have not managed to know "what is the strategy" of the Catalan Executive, which has been called "Government Torra-Aragonès", since "they have not clarified it".

Albiach has considered that the "Dialogue Space" should be added social entities as well as political representatives and thanked the "cordial tone, the will to understand and pull forward" that has been perceived among the participants, among those who have not been counted to representatives of Cs, PPC and CUP, who have refused to attend.

However, he has asked that in future meetings "clear objectives" be discussed and "calendars" be worked on, since he has considered that this should be "a stable dialogue table".

"The road map can not be the DUI", said Albiach, but "neither a reform of the Statute", he added, so he has insisted that his "way" is that of the aforementioned "pact of clarity", it is to say, the agreement of a proposal of referendum between the Catalan forces that later would have to take to the Congress of the Deputies.

The parliamentary leader of the commons has celebrated that all the groups gathered have agreed that Catalonia lives "a situation of extreme exceptionality" and that "political conflicts must be resolved by political means".

In reference to the absent formations, he said that "you can not miss any opportunity to advance in real dialogue", since citizens "need" political representatives "to measure up".


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