The committee of Nissan summons the Govern to put "the batteries" to avoid closure

The chairman of the Nissan committee in Barcelona, ​​Juan Carlos Vicente, has asked this Monday to the set of political forces to get "on the ball" and get involved to avoid the closure of the company in Catalonia, since "this Govern cannot afford 25,000 people to stay on the street. "

Juan Carlos Vicente, of CCOO, appears this Monday in the Committee on Business and Labor of the Parliament to explain the situation of the Nissan plants in the Barcelona Free Zone, Montcada i Reixac and Sant Andreu de la Barca, which the company wants to close next December.

The workers' representative has called for the maximum involvement of all political parties to prevent Nissan from ceasing its activity, which would not only lead to the strike of the 3,000 employees of the company, but to 22,000 other workers in the auxiliary companies.

"We want to visualize that we are not 3,000 people affected, that we are 25,000, and this Government cannot allow 25,000 people to remain on the street," said Vicente, who has appeared together with the general secretary of the Sigen-USOC union section. at Nissan Zona Franca, Miguel Ruiz.

The chairman of the committee stressed that the Barcelona plants must continue to be "construction companies", since the Catalan industrial fabric depends on it, and he reiterated that the basic premise of the staff "is to continue being in Nissan".

"We don't want to hear about selling the factory or money. We want our jobs," said Vicente.

"That is why we ask you to put your batteries with us, to repeal the labor reform and that we all achieve that Nissan has another forty years of life," he added.

Juan Carlos Vicente has pointed out that Nissan is currently at 20% of its capacity and has reported every time that the staff has reduced wages and working conditions to facilitate the competitiveness and viability of the Japanese company, which still has decided to close all three Barcelona plants.

He also recalled that Nissan has received 154 million euros in government aid in recent years that "have fallen on deaf ears": "That cannot be allowed. It is everyone's money and if you invest in a site it is so that be profitable, not for a few to keep. "

The unionist has described the attitude of the company as a "shamelessness" for the last decade, since "at all times" it has been deceiving workers, promising new models in exchange for workforce reductions and working conditions, despite the fact that "already they knew they did not want to continue "in Catalonia.

"We have been left without air, the productions have been diminishing, until reaching this point," he lamented.

For his part, Sigen-USOC general secretary at Nissan, Miguel Ruiz, has accused the multinational of using the confinement derived from the coronavirus pandemic to close plants in Catalonia: "Nissan is leaving Barcelona because it is easy to leave now "

According to Ruiz, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance could not have endured in normal situations the 54 days of indefinite strike that they carry in the Catalan plants.

Likewise, Ruiz has denounced the company that has not provided information on the state of the company at the European level: "We do not want to start a period of local consultations because we do not have the information at the European level, because they deceive us."

"Since we do not have that information, we cannot defend the way Nissan workers deserve," he said.

Juan Carlos Vicente has also criticized that the Nissan management has refused to appear in the Parliament, as requested by the groups, some of which, like ERC, Catalunya en Comú-Podem and the CUP, have also censured this decision.


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