May 25, 2020

«The commitment of my players is undeniable»

«The commitment of my players is undeniable»

It did not dramatize Solari the same night of the tie in Villarreal and it is not worried either in the previous one of the following shock, this Sunday in the Bernabéu before the Real Society. The coach defended his players and especially Marcelo, who recalled that he has had three muscle injuries and is not being easy for him. Remember the coach to those who can forget, that the white calendar is the most loaded and it is not easy to recover from one game to another. "We face three competitions and we try to put the whole level of concentration. Players are not machines, they plug in and recharge immediately. We have to do an energy renewal exercise after each game. And they are very followed. Nobody has more competitions and less vacations than us. It's difficult, but the players put all their commitment and effort. Bale played the whole second half in Vigo with a swollen ankle. Karim is very generous, Lucas 14 kilometers per game, Carvajal has a huge heart, Modric had 39 of fever the day before and played and stepped forward because it was important for us to play. The level of commitment of these players with this shirt is undeniable. They have shown it before and they show it now. "

"Do not underestimate the ties"

Solari admits that he is more or less happy with the recovery of his team in the league, where they have gone from ninth to fourth place and the plan is to continue climbing, starting with the three points of the first match of 2019 at the Bernabéu on Sunday. "We have one of the most competitive leagues in the world, no team gives anything and everyone has the talent to hurt anyone. It's hard to get the points. Obviously we want to win the games, but we must not underestimate the ties. We have to keep cutting, fight battle in all parties. We did a good first part in Villarreal, it cost us to kill the match in the second and we came away with a point. We will try to win the next three. "

"There are no indisputable headlines"

The coach insists that the template is 24 players and everyone has options, although he does distinguish between veterans and the guys who start. "There are players who have an entity, a past and some showcases full of glory. And then there are young people who start and need a journey to grasp the hierarchy. There are mature people with many laurels and others who start. Anyone can play at any time. "

One of those is Isco, whom he praised again after being the first change in La Cerámica. "He has so much quality that he can play in any area of ​​the field. Sometimes you can be decisive with the last pass, with imagination, with technical quality. Each one has its characteristics ".


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