The Commission studies supporting administrative managers to operate throughout the EU

Enrique SerbetoCONTINUECorrespondent in Brussels Updated: 06/15/2022 22:19h
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The European Commission has undertaken to prepare a comparative study on the activity equivalent to that carried out in Spain by administrative managers and which practically does not exist outside our country.
The president of the Association of Administrative Managers of Spain, Fernando Santiago
, appeared this Wednesday in the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament to propose the approval of legislation that facilitates its activity in other countries, by virtue of the principle of freedom to provide services. The parliamentary commission decided to keep the file open, which means that it will have continuity, and to commission this comparative study from the Commission. Both the popular group and the socialist support the request of the managers, who in Spain are the main interlocutor with the Administration for millions of small and medium-sized companies. In most European countries, the work carried out by managers is carried out by more specialized professions in the tax, legal or labor field, but there are no agencies that deal with different disciplines at the same time.

In his speech before the parliamentary committee, Santiago stressed that “the economic and social development of European countries inexorably leads to greater regulations and, with it, ever greater and more complex administrative obligations. For this reason, we believe it is necessary to recognize our activity and make our work visible in Europe in order to be useful to other countries. The homologation of the activity, together with the creation of a single European card (similar to that of lawyers) would allow the professionals of public administrative services to be identified as general service points for companies and citizens throughout Europe».

The managers also consider that with the increase in cross-border economic relations, the creation of a common credential that identifies the administrative manager is becoming increasingly necessary, which would allow the future establishment of a unified professional framework and structure collaboration between different professional associations. , «so that the administrative managers of the different countries can carry out their work in any of the other Member States».

The popular MEP Isabel Benjumea has asked the Commission to guarantee that managers can offer their services with quality in any country, especially for the processing of new reconstruction funds, since she considers that it is an extremely complex task and that "There is a clamor among small businesses" for help in this field.

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