The commission agent Luis Medina enters the list of defaulters and Twitter and Carlo Ancelotti leave it

The commission agent Luis Medina enters the list of defaulters and Twitter and Carlo Ancelotti leave it

BPVMadrid Updated: 06/30/2022 14:54h

The commission agent Luis Medina, investigated for alleged fraud against the Madrid City Council in the purchase of masks during the pandemic and to whom the Tax Agency claims a tax debt of 653,000 euros, is one of the main novelties of the latest edition of the list of defaulters to the Public Treasury, which has been released this Thursday by the Tax Agency.

Medina and the Basque businessman from the steel sector José María Aristrain, accused of a million-dollar fraud against the Public Treasury and mired in the middle of the judicial process, are the most illustrious names that have entered the list of taxpayers who owe the Treasury more than 600,000 euros , to which 340 new private taxpayers and companies have joined, while the number of departures has risen to 580.

Among those who abandon this list, designed to force taxpayers to regularize their situation with the Treasury at the blow of a 'news sentence', highlights that of the Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, who, according to the December list, the Treasury demanded a debt for taxes of 1.4 million euros; that of the technology company Twitter, with pending payments of 800,000 euros; and that of the Nozar real estate company, a classic on the list of defaulters that had accumulated tax debts of more than 214 million euros since it entered bankruptcy proceedings and that disappeared for the first time from the list after having closed the agreement with its creditors, including the Tax Agency.

The list of defaulters of the Treasury is only abandoned if the debtors reduce their debt below 600,000 euros, even if it is close to that figure, or due to other assumptions such as cancellations due to collection or due to prescription or due to definitive insolvency, among others, without prejudice that they may reappear later.

In this ninth list of defaulters of the Tax Agency, a total of 7,037 debtors with the Treasury of more than 600,000 euros are included at the end of 2021, which is 3.3% less compared to the last list published in December.

According to the data provided this Thursday by the Tax Agency, the global amount of debts included in the new list reaches 17,710 million euros, 2.9% less, although subtracting duplications -since there are amounts that correspond to main debtors and responsible for their solidarity--, the amount would be 14,567 million euros and therefore, about 4.2% lower.

The Tax Agency assures that in the first six months of the year the taxpayers included in the list have made regularizations worth 638 million euros, while other taxpayers who ran the risk of being registered on the list have chosen to pay the Treasury more than 81 million euros not to be seen on the list. In total, and according to these figures, the list would have induced the regularization of more than 700 million euros so far in 2022, denying the voices that question the effectiveness of a list in which most of its components are in competition for creditors and there is little they can do to get out of their delinquent status.

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