The commerce hopes to prolong in the campaign of the sales the good sales of Christmas - La Provincia

The traditional January sales begin today although for several years now some of the companies have decided to advance them to adapt to the proliferation of phenomena such as Black Friday (Black friday). The Canarian trade hopes to maintain the good sales tone of Christmas in the discount campaign. Today we expect a lot of movement in the stores, as the changes and returns of gifts from the days after Reyes also coincide.

Although the sales seasons are deregulated and the trade is free to offer discounts at any time of the year, traditional dates - between January 7 and March 6 - continue to mark the calendar of the sector. This year, the main textile chains add to the traditional date of January 7, in the case of El Corte Inglés and the teachings of the Inditex group. Brands like H&M, Mango or Cortefiel started the discounts before, in the middle of the Christmas season.

The commerce sector faces the sales with moderate optimism, but aware of the loss of strength of this period due to the proximity of phenomena such as 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber ​​Monday' or discounts prior to Christmas, which are increasingly earning more weight. The Spanish Confederation of Commerce (CEC) expects to increase sales by 2% during winter sales compared to the previous year.


According to the forecasts of the human resources group Adecco, in the Canary Islands7,500 contracts will be generated during the months of January and Februaryin the commerce and logistics sectors. The volume of contracting in the Archipelago is reduced by 0.5% and is 2.6 percentage points below the national average. It is, in fact, the campaign in which less hiring will occur since 2013.

Against Adecco, its competitor in the human resources sector Randstad figures in just 3,687 extra contracts between January and February in the Islands. In Spain as a whole, 124,860 will be generated, which represents 5.6% more than the previous year. As usual, the sectors that will create the most jobs in this period will be those linked to large consumption, such as commercial and dependent, and those aimed at offering customer service, such as telemarketers and hostesses.


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