The commented return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1: for 2021 and with Renault – La Provincia

Fernando Alonso could return in 2021 to the F1 by the hand of Renault, the team with which he won his two world titles.

The French brand and the Asturian pilot have conversations that could lead to this Wednesday or in the next few days announcing their new union. Alonso and Renault have formed in the past a fruitful pair of great professional successes. After their friendly separation in the middle of the first decade of this century, both components of the couple ceased to reap success.

Now everything indicates that, after the separationthey will rejoin with the aim of achieving the successes that have been denied them.

According to all rumors, the union is falling and it is a matter of hours.

The Asturian, 38, left Formula 1 in 2018 and would be about to return two years later and with the team that has given him the most glory. He won two world titles with Renault F1 in 2005 and 2006.


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