Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

The commented attitude of Carlota Corredera during her visit to the house

The visit of Carlota Sliding To the house of
It has been one of the most commented moments of Wednesday's day. During the issuance of Save me Banana, the presenter had to interview the nominees Master Joao and Kiko Jiménez, something that unleashed many comments. Mainly regarding the attitude cold, distant and ‘sergeant’ that showed towards the contestants.

In fact, the program itself Save me threw humor putting suspense music on the faces that Corredera was putting. His coldness was such that even Jorge Javier Vázquez himself did not hesitate to recognize that "by his side, Margaret Thatcher was Bambi" unleashing the laughter of those present.

Jorge Javier comments with laughter on the attitude of Carlota Corredera during his visit to 'GH VIP 7

Jorge Javier comments with laughter on the attitude of Carlota Corredera during his visit to 'GH VIP 7'

The first to go to the interview room to meet Carlota Corredera was Maestro Joao. The seer acknowledged having "fear" and did not stop cryingr throughout the talk with the presenter. And it is that when remembering the arrival of Pol to the house, Joao "I saw pain in his face … So many things came to mind …". And he asked himself: “Why do you question us? I just try to be a good person. ”

Meanwhile, Corredera was unperturbed, without hesitation, and so cold that when Joao asked him to say goodbye, "Can't I give you a kiss?", his answer left him frozen. "I think not. This is work today. Outside we will talk differently. ”

The same did not happen with Kiko Jiménez to whom Carlota did kiss her cheek both when she received him and when she was fired. Something that was very commented on social networks and that surprised the program Save Me during the retransmission of the interview.

Already in the talk with Kiko, he explained that he carries “a backpack” for his past and that it causes “some hatred” among the spectators. In addition, he spoke of Sofía Suescun and his silence: “I expected a message from her. My mother will be no matter what happens, but Sofia, I don't know if she will be. I'm worried about that, why it wasn't her. ”

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