April 16, 2021

The comedy of Pedro Sánchez, the tough one | TV

The comedy of Pedro Sánchez, the tough one | TV

A president publishes a book entitled Manual of resistance, in which badass, as the title indicates, of political immortality, to survive theirs and others. It is a booklet, dedicated to everyone (the majority of the population, including Susana Díaz) who did not give a hard time for it. A few days after its publication, the same president called general elections after losing the vote on the budgets. The author of Manual of resistance does not resist.

There are times when the parody is that Carrara marble that needs a Michelangelo to give it shape -because it is not obvious, its comedy is hidden in the present and opaque block of today-, and other times the parody is carved on its own without the intervention of any sculptor. It is impossible to improve this joke with a script of fiction: the resistant defeated while presuming resistance.

What a great start for a political comedy. Or what a great ending. I would choose this episode as a start, and would narrate the life of the resistant Sanchez in his house after the elections-yes, I know, I advance events: he can again preside over the country, but this is already fabulation, and it's in my history that he should lose- , catching up on the school stuff of his offspring and recovering the basketball games with colleagues.

That is the comedy that I would do because it bores me to write about power, but I love to fantasize about failure, although it is probably not the political comedy that is expected and needed. A Armando Iannucci, the giant of television political parody (he has signed two monuments of the genre: The Thick of It, on the BBC, and Veep, in the United States) it costs to go ahead of the events. Reality always spoils the best jokes, but that does not mean that he fails to point out the essentially ridiculous sense of power. It's the comedians who need a Manual of resistance to persevere in a trade that finds in its own parodies its fiercest competence.


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