May 14, 2021

The colorful house of Taiwn, the art that can not be destroyed – The Province

The colorful house of Taiwn, the art that can not be destroyed - The Province

Every day Huang Yung-Fu receives visitors from your village, Taichung, in the center of Taiwan, welcoming them. He does it with his hands and shoes dotted with paint, remains of the daily artistic work he has been doing for years so that the government does not destroy his home.

At 96, this former soldier still gets up at 3 in the morning every day to spend four hours painting the walls of the houses with colorful colors and picturesque figures. Long ago, in the Nantun district, Taichung, it was a prosperous village with more than 1,200 houses, most of them former soldiers of the war to whom the government had temporarily ceded their usufruct.

Over the years, most of the soldiers left and the lands began to arrive at the hands of the promoters. Some people, like Huang Yung-Fu refused to leave their home and they wanted to settle in the village they already considered their home. Little by little the number of villagers was drastically reduced and only 11 houses were left standing in the village.

One day, Huang Yung had the idea of ​​killing the boredom of his loneliness by painting his house. It started inside, but soon the room began to look small and also worked on the outer walls decorating them with striking and colorful colors and figures.

From his house he passed to others, which were already empty, letting his imagination fly and discovering what for him was a new facet: that of an artist. It did not take long for the old man's work to become popular, turning his town into one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area.

Thanks to this, the now known as 'Abuelo Arcoíris' has managed to keep his town and home safe from the government's intentions to destroy everything. He loves his job and says that, although he needs a lot of energy, he will continue to do it even when he is 100 years old.


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