The Colón Cinema cycle shows the Portuguese film 'Around the world when you were 30 years old'

Image from the film & # 039; Around the world when you were 30 years old & # 039;.

Image from the film 'Around the world when you were 30 years old'.

The Columbus House projected on May 27, at 7:00 p.m., within its Colón Cinema cycle, the Portuguese film Around the world when you were 30 years olds, by the Japanese filmmaker and installed in Portugal since her childhood, Aya koretzky.

The director proposes in this work as a road movie another of his intimate inquiries about the frenetic transcontinental adventures that unite the members of his family, putting together the portrait of a father from the point of view of his daughter, thanks to current images and old photographs.

This cycle, with free entry upon registration in, is organized by the Casa de Colón and the Vertigo Film Association since 2010, with the aim of disseminate and promote the cinematography of Latin America and Spain.

Around the world when you were 30, released in 2018, will be exhibited at original version with subtitles. It is directed by Aya Koretzky and performed by Davi Cabeça Pra Baixo, Aya Koretzky herself, Jiro Koretzky and Atsushi Sugita.

This film reflects an album of a trip in the 70s of the last century, from Japan to the world, and the dialogue of father and daughter about the memories from the images, about the words, about the desire to bring them to the present. Jiro, the father, is a Japanese man who serenely inhabits his garden in Portugal, where he decided to stay after a trip he made at the age of thirty. Aya, her daughter and the director of this film, revive this journey.

The film has won several accolades, including the Bright Future Award at the IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands); the Teenage Award at Porto / Post / Doc Film & Media Festival (Portugal); and the Peter Liechti Award at the Bildrausch Basel International Film Festival (Switzerland). In addition, it has been the opening film at Mostra A Gulbenkian eo Cinema Português (Portugal) and has participated in the DocLisboa International Film Festival (Portugal), in the BAFICI ─ Festival Internacional de Cinema Independiente de Buenos Aires, (Argentina), in the EDOC Festival ─ Encuentros del otro Cine (Ecuador) and at Image Forum festival 2019, Tokyo and Nagoya (Japan).

Schedule until July

Colón Cinema projects in this cycle, whose current edition began in November 2020 and will run until July 2021, a total of eight feature films and a selection of 11 outstanding Ibero-American shorts that could be enjoyed in the month of January. Cinematographies from a good part of the Ibero-American geography are represented: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru and Portugal.

This initiative exhibits -in a strictly cultural framework- from classic titles to recent films that have had a career away from commercial theaters and that encompasses a diversity of works of all genres.

There are only two films left to be screened. On June 17 it will be seen Double-edged crime, by José Luis Borau (Spain, 1965. 90 ') and on July 21, Carl Rigby's Antojology, by Eduardo Spiegeler and María José Álvarez (Nicaragua, 2019. 62 ').


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