February 27, 2021

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office retrieves $ 7.5 million of bribes from Odebrecht

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office has reached agreements to recover about 24,000 million pesos (about 7.5 million dollars) corresponding to bribes paid by the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht to secure the award of infrastructure contracts in the country, the accuser said Monday. .

The first payment of this refund became effective on January 17, 2019 of more than 6,300 million pesos (1.9 million dollars) and corresponds to the agreement reached by the Prosecutor's Office with three ex-directors of the Brazilian construction company, according to a press release. .

These are businessmen Luiz Antonio Bueno Júnior, Luiz Antonio Mameri and Luiz Eduardo da Rocha Soares, charged with bribery, and who will receive legal benefits in exchange for their collaboration.

These entrepreneurs still have to pay two installments, one on August 30 and another on January 31, 2020 to complete the 6.5 million dollars.

In January of this year, a Bogota judge approved an agreement signed between the Colombian Prosecutor's Office and three former Odebrecht directors in the country that will allow them to collaborate in the investigation in exchange for legal benefits.

At the time, the Office of the Prosecutor explained that the three former directors of the Brazilian construction company "committed to tell the truth in processes where they are required" and must also return about 18,900 million pesos (about six million dollars).

The figure is similar to the debt of 6.5 million dollars that Odebrecht paid to the convicted ex-minister of Transportation Gabriel García Morales to award him the work of Ruta del Sol II, the road that connects the center with the north of the country.

The principle of opportunity endorsed by the justice system allows Bueno, Da Rocha and Mameri to be acquitted of the bribery charges for which they are being tried in exchange for testifying in the case of José Elías Melo, former president of Corficolombiana, a company partner of Odebrecht in Ruta del Sol II.

Likewise, the Attorney General's Office recovered actions worth 2 million dollars related to the case against García Morales.

According to data released by the Department of Justice of the United States on December 21, 2016, Odebrecht paid bribes in Colombia for $ 11 million as part of the million-dollar network of corruption mounted in Latin America and Africa.

However, the Colombian Prosecutor's Office estimates at 84,000 million pesos (about 26 million dollars) the amount of the bribes of the construction company in the country.

The accuser reported in turn that there will be no change in the 14 prosecutors investigating the 35 criminal news that make up the lines of the case in Colombia.

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