The Colombian Government prepares a law on electronic cigarettes and vapers

The Colombian government is preparing a bill on electronic nicotine administration systems such as electronic cigarettes and vapers, official sources reported Monday.

The Deputy Minister of Public Health and Provision of Services, Iván Darío González, quoted in a statement from his office, explained that the Government "has been advancing in the fight against tobacco within the existing international agreement and also approaches the new devices" .

"We are working on a bill and permanently publish information and educational elements for the community in general and for professionals; we are drawing a new circular to give a regulatory framework to these new elements and we will return an event of interest in public health the health conditions associated with the use of the new devices, "González explained.

On the other hand, Alfonso Ávila García, of the Colombian Family Medicine Society, explained that these devices are not harmless to health.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Health, Garcia said that various effects on it have been scientifically identified and that they contain harmful substances both for those who use them and for third parties who are exposed to them.

On September 2, representatives of the tobacco industry in Colombia called on Congress to make a differentiated regularization of electronic cigarettes, which could reduce health risks by 95% compared to traditional cigarettes.

The director of corporate affairs of British American Tobacco Colombia, Juan Carlos Restrepo, said that including electronic cigarettes in the norm that regulates the traditional ones is not "technically or conceptually correct", since it was agreed in 2009 and those products reached the market Colombian five years ago.

Currently, bill 174 is being processed in the Colombian Senate to modify the 2009 Anti-Tobacco Law, which was already approved in the second debate.

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