June 5, 2020

The Colombian Air Force celebrates its centenary with the contribution of four countries

The Colombian Air Force (FAC) celebrated a century of existence today with a military ceremony in which the Government recognized the contribution of Germany, the United States, France and Switzerland in their "construction" throughout these hundred years.

At the base of Comando Aéreo de Combate No.5, located in the town of Rionegro, near Medellín, the Colombian president, Iván Duque, led the celebration of the centenary that included an air magazine.

The president imposed the military medal Marco Fidel Suarez on the flags of the four countries, represented by their ambassadors or diplomats, as well as the National Guard of South Carolina (USA), for their contributions to the development of the FAC.

"Let's remember that the Air Force was built by four nations that helped us throughout history: Switzerland, France, Germany and the United States," FAC commander General Ramsés Rueda told reporters during the celebration. place as part of the F-Air Colombia International Aeronautical Fair.

In this line, Duque highlighted in his speech the presence of "friendly countries" that arrived in Colombian territory to "reaffirm cooperation" and highlighted the role of the United States in training exercises.

The head of state recalled in his speech the "great defeats" that have been given to drug trafficking with the help of this centennial institution, with its aircraft and pilots.

"Thanks to the Air Force in recent decades, Colombia was able to confront drug trafficking with determination and prevent the cartels from reaching the territories and claiming ownership of spaces," he said.

The president stressed that the FAC has also been fundamental in the fight against terrorism with the use of precision weapons, while highlighting the fleet of Kfir fighter-bombers as "protectors of our sovereignty" and presented the Super Tucano's and their pilots as those responsible for giving "absolute supremacy to defeat from the air criminality and terrorism."

In the act, in which Marco Fidel Suárez was remembered as the president who "saw the 1959 birth of the Air Force", he had his solemn moments as a minute of silence in honor of the "absent heroes" who lost their lives in "compliance with duty".

For the closing of the ceremony, which was delayed by almost two hours due to the heavy rain, the aerial magazine drew a number 100 in the sky in reference to the centennial of the FAC.

Before the public attending the aeronautical trade show, the Thunderbrids – the US aerobatic flight group – also paid tribute with an air show with the F-16 aircraft.

The ninth edition of the F-Air Colombia fair, which ends this Sunday, has as guest of honor the United States and has the participation of officials from Mexico, Holland, Israel, Panama, Russia, Peru, Spain, Dominican Republic, United United, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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