The College of Physicians calls for the creation of "testodromes" to relieve pressure in health centers

Canarian doctors have suggested to the Government of the Canary Islands the creation of specific centers to carry out the tests to detect the Covid-19 in order to decongest Primary Care and that physicians can treat acutely ill patients and carry out their activity.

From the College of Physicians it is pointed out that just as "vaccination courses" have been created, you can create "testodromes" outside of primary care medical consultations.

According to the collegiate organization, these new centers must be managed by other health professionals and take care of the bureaucratic procedures involved in the pandemic: communicate the informative details of the pandemic; process the sick leave of the positives (which generate an average of three visits, most of them unscheduled); resolve problems with covid vaccination certificates and facilitate recovery reports after illness and other related documents, among other steps, which are now being assumed and their activity is paralyzed.

Thus, the College of Physicians of Las Palmas claims that health centers care for the acutely ill, the majority do not covid, of the patients with chronic diseases that need controls to avoid decompensation and of the preventive and community actions "so necessary and forgotten at the moment", indicates the note.

The College denounces the "Unsustainable" situation in Primary Care due to the "paralysis" that has produced the sixth wave of infections of coronavirus in medical activity, which prevents treating patients with diseases other than covid.

For this reason, he makes "an urgent and anguished appeal to the entire political class" to carry out a management "at the height of the current adverse circumstances" and the population is duly informed after the changes that have been introduced last December 31 in the protocols for the care of the covid-19, indicates the note.

In it it is specified that the incidence of severe disease due to covid-19 in the Canary Islands is lower than that of the flu, since ICU admissions account for 0.12% among active cases (the majority in unvaccinated or multi-pathological patients), for which they argue that epidemiological data have a secondary value and cannot paralyze medical activity.

For the College of Physicians, the urgent thing is to treat "all the sick", since the problems such as myocardial infarctions, those of mental health increasingly common, strokes or cancer, says the statement. The College of Physicians also considers that information to the population is transcendental at this time.

With the protocol changes as of December 31 the isolation period in positive vaccinated cases with mild symptoms is reduced to 7 days instead of 10, institutional contact tracing is abandoned except in the case of vulnerable and social health personnel, so that diagnostic tests will not be performed on asymptomatic contacts in the most of the cases.

These changes, which a priori could seem like a download in the healthcare pressure, if they are not explained well and are accompanied by information campaigns that reach the population, they generate many doubts in patients that causes them to consult even more and increases the burden of Primary Care doctors and nursing personnel, warns the College of Las Palmas.

In his view, "it continues to fail scandalously disclosure of current protocols through credible sources and all the media. "

Therefore, they ask that the public be clarified that if they do not have symptoms or the symptoms are mild, they do not need medical attention and that You should only go to the health center if there is a high fever they won't budge and move to the hospital if they have shortness of breath or other severe symptoms.

"Doctors are not responsible for chaos existing right now in Primary Care, are the victims. Doctors are overwhelmed, both physically and psychologically, "concludes the note, which adds that the College of Physicians expects" an urgent and adequate "response from the Ministry of Health.


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