The collection of fight against tax fraud hits the record in 2018 | Economy

The collection of fight against tax fraud hits the record in 2018 | Economy

The general director of the Tax Agency, Jesús Gascón, advanced on Wednesday that revenues from the fight against fraud exceeded 15,000 million in 2018, more than in the last two years and close to the record high recorded in 2015 when the Treasury got 15,664 million. The collection of that year was inflated by extraordinary operations for "the reduction of returns" by 2,700 million. It was a matter of minutes won to multinationals that distorted the result. The good result of last year in the work of fighting against tax fraud is also due to extraordinary operations related to the green cent.

Gascón emphasized, in his appearance in the Budget Committee of the Congress, that the true objective of the Treasury is that the collection grows more than the economy. And for that, he said, the voluntary compliance of taxpayers should be favored.

120,000 respondents

The idea of ​​the director of the Agency is that citizens have more incentives to comply with their tax obligations. For this, he wants to deepen the campaigns of warnings and alerts when making the declarations. Gascón recalled that the notice campaign on the leases made since the 2014 rent campaign has led to an increase of 120,000 new declarants of real estate capital returns. These notices arise when a taxpayer makes the declaration of the rent and the Agency has proof that he is renting a property. In this way, the citizen is encouraged to declare.

In the campaign of the rent of 2018, which will begin next April 2, there will also be notices about the accounts in the foreigners. The Tax Administration has compiled more than 1.5 million files of current accounts abroad provided by banks, thanks to the agreement signed between OECD countries, known as CRS (common reporting standard). Based on this information, the Treasury has initiated more than 100 inspections on foreign accounts, explained Gascón.


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