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Twitter unleash passions. The popular social network has gone through its ups and downs, but has always maintained a faithful legion of supporters and staunch users who have resisted leaving the ship despite the recognized problems in the management of content, or more precisely, in the control of trolls and the false news. And it has been precisely these intensive users who have been insistently demanding a non-existent function in the social network: the possibility of editing tweets.

Twitter users know it well, if you make a mistake when writing a message, you have three options: omit the error, apologize for it, or delete it and start over. The first of them and depending on the number of followers, can end in a wildfire in which the disqualifications end up drowning the content of the message itself; The second option is also not optimal since the user is forced to add a new message in his timeline that does not provide more value than to sing a mea culpa, and the third one is really effective only if we are quick to detect the errata before the message generates reactions.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

But it seems that, at last, this situation could change: Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, confirms that the social network is considering, finally, message editing... although with an important nuance. In an interview with popular podcaster Joe Rogan, the entrepreneur has admitted that Twitter "is working" on the possibility of editing a message once written and published on the social network. That is, if one commits an erratum, in the rush, in one of your messages, you would have the possibility to access said message and modify it corrected so that it remains in its timeline.

Why has not this obvious possibility been included in Twitter since its inception? Dorsey himself remembers that Twitter, as a platform, was born on the SMS, and "once you write a message, you can not recover it". Obviously, things have changed a lot since the arrival of the social network, but the management team has always resisted the issue of messages on the platform. Why? Dorsey himself lets it fall: the great value of Twitter is immediacy and "if you are in full game of the NBA, what you want is to be fast and in the moment; everything depends on the context. "

Somehow, it seems as if the possibility of editing a message detracts from the 'moment' mentioned by the CEO himself, one of the pillars of Twitter. However, Twitter could adopt an alternative way: allow the message to be edited between 5 and 30 seconds after sending and after which the message would be published in the 'timeline'. In fact, what Dorsey proposes is to add a small delay in the sending of the message so that the user can edit it before it is published (an operation similar to that of undo shipments in Gmail). However, there would always be a trace of the error: Dorsey suggests that the original message would be available and accessible by the rest for the sake of transparency. Will we see this possibility soon? The co-founder of Twitter has not set deadlines, although at least he has confirmed that it is being considered.


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