The CNMV warns that the creator of Gowex to try to raise funds with a new company

The CNMV warns that the creator of Gowex to try to raise funds with a new company


The supervisor has put investors on high alert for a new attempt by the creator of Gowex to raise money between individuals. Jenaro García, founder of the broken wifi network company and for whom today The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor has requested 18 years in prison for crimes such as fraud, forgery and misappropriation, has launched a platform, Gow2x, that the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has included in its list of "entities that do not have any type of authorization or are registered for any purpose in the CNMV and that could be performing some type of fundraising activity or providing a service of a financial nature ».

Specifically, and as ABC has learned, the company behind Gow2x, a limited company called Global Operation World 2 Exchange, would be offering investors a sort of virtual securities ( the so-called «tokens», recurrent in cryptocurrency operations) in exchange for cash. The companies that issue this type of paper usually promise to share access to some future service or even some profitability, but nothing guaranteed. The website of Gow2x, in addition, allows to make donations through virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

"Our BloXain platform will enable us to carry out projects based on our ecosystem of companies, supported by the advantages of our platform, creating a virtuous circle that will bring benefits for all members of our community of entrepreneurs and for the whole world," says the web, in which the own Jenaro Garci'a, in a personal tone, makes references to the fraud of Gowex and its promise to compensate to the investors who defrauded.

Gowex, founded in 1999 and specialized in providing free wifi service in cities and public transport, debuted in 2010 in the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) and came to be worth almost 2,000 million euros. However, in 2014 the company analysis firm Gotham City revealed that almost all of the company's income and contracts were fictitious and that their shares were worthless. Gowex collapsed and ruined the investment of some 700 individuals. Garcia admitted that he had falsified the group's accounts.

One of the sections of García's new website is aimed especially at the former shareholders, which he promises to compensate by handing over half of the shares of Gow2x. Another section is specifically aimed at "new investors", according to the company. "We are not requesting funds from new shareholders but if you register, we will keep you informed if we finally decide to open the shareholding to join," he says, but according to sources familiar with the operation, Gow2x would have already started offering those "token".


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