May 16, 2021

The CNMV studies the impact on the BBVA accounts of Villarejo's espionage for the bank – La Provincia

The CNMV studies the impact on the BBVA accounts of Villarejo's espionage for the bank - La Provincia

The National Commission of the Securities Market (CNMV) studies the impact that it can cause in the accounts ofBBVAthe espionage carried out by the ex-commissionerJosé Manuel Villarejocommissioned by the bank to stop the attempted assault ofSacyrto the entity, they confirmed to Europa Press in sources of the organism.

The CNMV analyzes this thorny issue from a double perspective: that relating to the risks that may be involved for the accounts of the financial institution if any future liability is derived and that related to its security and information protection mechanisms.

In the first area, the organization presided by Sebastián Albella puts the focus onthe patrimonial responsibility that this case may have for the bankhave an adequate reflection in your accounts.

With regard to thesecurity of your internal communications,The CNMV is focused on finding out if there could be holes in it, after knowing that the then president of the agency,Manuel Conthe, and his vice president,Carlos Arenillas, they were among the spies.

"We believe that no, it has been some time now and the cybersecurity protocols and tools have improved a lot, but we have to analyze it," the sources said.

These are the areas in which the CNMV focuses its research, which, because of the competence issue, "can not go further". In any case, from the agency made it clear that if the ongoing investigations are derived some judicial action, cooperate with the Justice in what it deems appropriate.

The BBVA has revealed that it opened an investigation last Juneon the hiring and services provided by the firm Cenyt, owned by the incarcerated ex-commissioner Villarejo, and has ensured that it will take "the appropriate internal measures" if the existence of irregularities is proven, in addition to carrying out the pertinent legal actions.

Apart from this internal investigation, the entity requested an independent law firm an independent review of the facts and the available documentation. Both actions are ongoing today.

The newspaper 'El Confidencial' published on Thursday that BBVAFrancisco González used Commissioner Villarejo to have real-time access to phone callsthat the main promoters of the maneuver, the then president of Sacyr, Luis del Rivero, the industrialist Juan Abelló and the head of the Economic Office of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Miguel Sebastián, crossed in full operation of assault on the bank.

They were also spied dozens ofpeople, companies and even mediathat would have had a secondary participation in that offensive. According to the documentation in the aforementioned digital newspaper and '', the alleged mastermind of the Tandem operation managed to provide BBVA executives with details of up to 15,000 telephone contacts.

Among others, Commissioner Villarejo provided BBVA with the content of alleged telephone conversations in which they participatedMiguel Sebastián and then Vice President of the Government, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega.


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