August 1, 2021

The CNMV gives green light to the KKR Opa on Telepizza

The CNMV gives green light to the KKR Opa on Telepizza


On Thursday, the National Securities Market Commission gave the green light to Tasty Bido, the investment vehicle of KKR, over 100% Telepizza, made up of 100,720,679 titles. An offer valued at 604 million euros.

The supervisor has taken this decision by understanding the terms of the bid adjusted to "the regulations in force" and to consider "sufficient the content of the explanatory brochure submitted after the latest information incorporated on March 25, 2019".

The fund, which launched the offer on December 21, offers 6 euros per share to end up removing the Spanish chain from the stock market. For this, Banca March will collaborate, through its fund Artá ​​Capital will invest up to 40 million euros, the Abelló family, through the Torreal fund, and the Safra Group bank. KKR, Telepizza's main shareholder since the end of 2016, already has 28.53% of the chain's capital. Therefore, you end up paying up to just over 431 million to take control of the company.


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