The CNMV files Ángel Ron and his team for the Banco Popular accounts

The CNMV files Ángel Ron and his team for the Banco Popular accounts

The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has opened a sanctioning administrative file to former Popular Bank Chairman Angel Ron and his team for a "very serious" infraction by providing inaccurate or inaccurate data in the 2016 annual accounts.

However, the same supervisor informs in a communication sent today that he has decided to suspend the processing of said file because of a criminal proceeding opened for the same events.

The Executive Committee of the CNMV, at its meeting held on October 11, 2018, agreed to initiate an administrative sanction file for a "very serious" infraction against Banco Popular, as well as the executive directors, the members of its audit committee and its financial director when the 2006 accounts were published.

The file referred to is limited to the aspects of the 2016 annual accounts to which the communication of relevant information made by the entity on April 3, 2017, was referred.

On that day, the entity announced at the outset that it was introducing adjustments of up to 630 million euros in the 2016 accounts, following an internal audit of its loan portfolio and the operation of the capital increase.

The bank then calculated that between 500 and 550 million would be enough and that this adjustment would be collected during the first half of that year, so it considered that it would not be necessary to reformulate the 2016 accounts.

Now, two and a half years later, and when two summers have passed since Banco Popular had to be intervened and sold to Banco Santander for the symbolic price of one euro, the CNMV considers that the team at that time supplied financial information with inaccurate data. or not true.


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