September 21, 2020

The CNMV alerts financial "chiringuitos" in four European countries

The CNMV alerts financial "chiringuitos" in four European countries

The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) today published the warnings received from the supervisory authorities of the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Austria, about twenty-nine unrecorded entities to provide investment services.

The British FCA has advised on Markets Cube, Coinbrokerz, Cantor Fitzgerald Bank (Clone), Meta Investing, Trade Capital Investments LLC (which operates as Trade Capital), Starwood Asset Management Fund (Clone) and Trsystem (which functions as CFDS100).

He has also warned about Prime by ADS Securities (Clone), ARC Global Investments PLC (Clone), Padmar Investments Limited (Clone), Reg Investment Bank and Fin-techprime, as well as their respective websites.

The CNMV also moves the alert of the French regulator (AMF) on, and the notice of the Austrian supervisor (FMA) on Ledger Capital Management, Capital Tech LTD (which operates through and,, Markets Profit and Solomon & Kendrick.

In addition, the CNMV has collected the notice of the Belgian supervisor (FSMA) on Aaron Brett, Daiju Commodity Markets, Fraser Hammond, Hana Shizokua Trading and Nanto Sapporo Brokerage.

And it has followed the alert on the companies Reed Cavendish Wealth Management, Royston Carr Asset Management, RWM Holdings, Saga Nagoya Securities, Wainwright Marks Management and TSB Wealth, which works through and

These notices from foreign regulators at a European level can be consulted on the CNMV website, which also offers a search engine for advertised entities.

The CNMV publishes punctually this type of warnings, through its website, with the aim of improving the protection of investors in the face of the growing internationalization of securities markets.


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