March 4, 2021

The CNMC records 13 companies responsible for road maintenance

The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has opened a sanction file to 13 companies responsible for the conservation and operation of the State Highway Network, including Acciona, ACS, FCC, Ferrovial, OHL and Sacyr, for allegedly distribute the bids for development.

In a statement, the agency explained that, in view of certain information related to possible anti-competitive practices in relation to the provision of road maintenance and operation services, it inspected in December 2018 the headquarters of Elsamex, Ferrovial Servicios and its subsidiary Ferroser Infraestructuras, Aceinsa Movilidad and Audeca.

On the basis of the information collected, the CNMC decided to initiate a sanction file and the agency will have a period of 18 months for the instruction and resolution of the file.

Those filed are Acciona Infrastructure Maintenance and its parent company Acciona; Aceinsa Mobility; Alvac; Api Mobility and its ACS matrix; Asphalts and Constructions Elsan and its OHL matrix; Audeca and its parent company Elecnor; Elsamex; Ferroser Infrastructure and its parent company Ferrovial; Innovia Coptalia and its Copcisa matrix; Infrastructure Maintenance and its FCC matrix; Works and Services SA Copasa; Villar signaling; Sacyr Conservation and its matrix Sacyr.

The CNMC has underlined that the investigation of cartels constitutes one of its priorities for action, given the special gravity of its consequences on consumers and on the proper functioning of markets.

The agency recalls that, under the clemency program, companies collaborating in the dismantling of the cartel could be exempted from paying the corresponding fine or see its amount reduced and, in addition, the prohibition of contracting with the public administration.

The opening of this file comes after last March the CNMC fined 15 companies with 118 million euros for rigging public tenders called by the railway manager Adif.

The sanctioned companies were Cobra (ACS), Elecnor, Siemens, Semi (ACS), Inabensa, Alstom, Cymi (ACS), Isolux, Electren (ACS), Comsa, Indra, Neopul (Sacyr), Telice, Eym (OHL) and Citracc, and the supervisory body activated, for the first time, the procedure to prohibit them from contracting with the Administration.

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