The CN Metropole strengthens its board of directors with new additions – La Provincia

He Metropole Swimming Club has today new and prominent additions to its Board of Directors who come to strengthen the management team chaired by Eduardo Araujo and that will have from now on Alberto Santana as vice president.

This is the economista Óscar Jiménez, the computer engineers Elena Quintanilla and Romarei Vega and the attorneys Javier Correa and Carlos Van IsschotAll of them with outstanding professional profiles, extensive management experience and an extensive and close relationship with the Metropolitan Club.

These five additions add to the twelve people who were already part of the Board, both senior managers and invited partners, that they will continue to contribute their work in an altruistic way so that, after the recovery of normality, the Metropole continues on the path of excellence and the modernization of its facilities, services, activities and sports sections.

Thus, the 17-member team is made up of the president, Eduardo Araujo; Alberto Santana, vice president; Juan Carlos Ruiz, treasurer; José Rosales, accountant; Javier Correa, secretary; Enrique Guerra, Deputy Secretary; Carlos Delgado, delegate for Culture and Recreation; José Quesada, librarian; Elena Quintanilla, vocal; Romarei Vega, vocal; Carolina Aranda, vocal; Juan González, vocal; Joaquín Viejo, vocal; José Luis Romero, vocal; and by Irene Arencibia, Óscar Jiménez and Carlos Van Isschot as invited members of the Board.

In the current circumstances, the main challenge The reinforced Board of Directors will be facing manage the health emergency situation caused by the coronavirus, which has forced paralyze the dense social and sports activity of the Club.


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