The closure of the US Government tarnishes the Christmas celebrations

The closure of the US Government tarnishes the Christmas celebrations

Christmas celebrations in the USA they were marred today by the continuation for the third consecutive day of the closure of the Administration, which has left 25% of the government services without funds and has caused the closing of the famous Christmas fir from the White House.

With its red balls and ribbons, the tree is one of the main tourist attractions of Christmas and now, against its will, it has become one of the victims of the administrative closure caused by a disagreement about the funds for the wall with Mexico.

Welma Beck, from the state of Virginia, has her family visiting and wanted her grandniece Juliette, 7, to see the tree up close.

But, on El Hierro fence that separates it from the public, there is a sign with the message: "Closed Area Due to the lapse in federal funds, the Christmas Tree is closed."

Beck told Efe that his family had planned to visit the Christmas tree for a long time and had explained to Juliette all the secrets of the tree: from the golden four-pointed star that crowns its top to the ornaments that have been designed by other children of States. United.

The fir, whose red and green lights are turned off by the closure of the government, has around 50 small trees, one for each state of the United States, and that wear ornaments designed by children and with details about the history, culture and traditions from every corner of the country.

"We wanted to see it, it was important for us because it represents our country, it represents the states that are part of the US Do you see the small towns that are drawn in the ornaments? That's what children like my niece have done and we wanted them to I saw, those things are important, "Beck said.

Both she and her sister, Nancy Brown, considered that "the political games of Washington" are the fault of the administrative closure and believe that the Democratic leadership of Congress should give in to the request of the US president, Donald Trump, and include in the budget funds for the wall with Mexico.

"This is a time of unity and love, of caring and respecting ourselves, and we have destroyed all that by political statements, it's ridiculous, it makes me want to go to the White House, knock on the door and say: 'Mr. President, arrange this' ", confessed Beck.

Inside the White House, Trump pitied himself for being "all alone" in the presidential mansion and relieved himself by sending a dozen messages on Twitter.

"I'm all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a border security deal, desperately needed, if, at some point, the Democrats do not want to reach an agreement, it will cost them our country much more money than the border wall, how crazy! "

The president again asked the Democrats to include in the budget funds for the wall, one of his main campaign promises.

Last week, the Executive asked Congress to include a $ 5 billion game for the border barrier; but the democrats refuse and, for the moment, they are only willing to allocate 1,300 million to border security, but with restrictions that prevent the construction of the wall.

The Senate, which is leading the budget this time, will meet on Thursday this week to try to reopen the Administration.

However, the White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, said Sunday that negotiations are not progressing and that the administrative blockade could continue until January 2019, when the legislators who were elected in the November elections take office.

In January, Democrats will control the House of Representatives and may block any funds for the wall; reason why Trump believes that this is his last chance to move the project forward.

This is the third closure Trump faces since he came to power in early 2017.

The Administration's worst closure in recent history occurred in 2013, when the Presidency of Barack Obama (2009-2017) and Democrats and Republicans took 17 days to reach an agreement to finance the Administration, which led to sharp declines in the stock market and the loss of thousands of dollars.

Beatriz Pascual Macías


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