The closure of the La Palma airport due to the effects of the volcano causes diversion of flights in Tenerife

The air connections in the Islands are still pending the evolution of the cloud of ash and gases that emanates from the La Palma volcano.. The island’s airport has been closed since yesterday, Thursday morning, but the effects reach Tenerife, where some flights have had to be diverted from the North Aerodrome to Reina Sofía.

This is indicated by AENA through its Twitter profile with a message in which it also indicates that this situation does not affect all operations. Thus, despite the fact that they ensure that the rest of the airports in the Canary Islands operate normally, they recommend that passengers check with the corresponding airlines, especially in the case of routes that connect with Tenerife North. “Some flights will be operated from Tenerife South”, they conclude from AENA that insists that the Los Rodeos aerodrome is operational and that the diversion is due to the decision of the companies themselves.

Already since last Wednesday, the companies that connect the Archipelago announced that they were suspending the routes with La Palma as a result of the accumulation of ash. On Thursday itself, AENA itself announced that the effects of the eruption that began on September 19 force the closure of the La Palma airport, a situation that for the moment continues throughout today, Friday.


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