March 3, 2021

The climb continues in the Canary Islands with 363 positives and four deaths

The Covid-19 escalation in the Canary Islands continues in this third wave, despite the somewhat promising start of this week. Third consecutive day in which the Islands exceed 300 new detections of the coronavirus in the same day, and this Friday also produced the highest figure for several days: 363 which place the total above 35,000 cases since the start of the pandemic.

In addition, this Friday he had to regret the death of four people, two of them in Tenerife and another two in Lanzarote -one of which Healthcare already notified yesterday but which has entered the statistics today-, according to the latest data updated by the Regional council.

Despite the high figure this Friday, which places the total positives in 35,014 people, the active cases have decreased again, as they have done all week, until they stay in 7,958 currently, 25 fewer than those reported yesterday. This is because between Thursday and Friday 384 epidemiological discharges have been signed in the Archipelago -26,536 in total-.

In the Canary Islands ICU there are already 68 patients, three more than those reported yesterday, while admitted to hospital ward there are 344, one more than those notified on Thursday.

As for the cumulative incidence Regarding, it has risen to 93.06 cases per 100,000 inhabitants after seven days, while it continues to decrease after 14 days, and stands at 184.36.

By islands

Gran Canaria has suffered one of his worst data since the third wave is affecting him, by adding 213 cases in a single day, which places the total figure close to 14,000 positives -13,996-. The active cases They have also increased by 159 people to reach 3,314 convalescent people at the moment, very close to the figure that Tenerife shows this Friday.

And it is that this island has decreased its active cases by 169 people this Friday, which places the number of convalescents at 3,316. Today they have registered in Tenerife 57 new cases of Covid-19 that make a total since the beginning of the pandemic of 15,424 people. The deaths on this island, after the two that have had to mourn today, are 327.

In Lanzarote this Friday has also increased the Total positives up to 3,494, 69 more than those reported yesterday, of which 1,092 are still active, that is, 29 less that yesterday. On this island there have already been 20 deaths due to Covid, after having added two more in the last 24 hours.

Fuerteventura It has reached 1,411 total cases since the start of the pandemic, 18 more than yesterday, while its active cases have increased by 17 people to 205 currently convalescing. El Hierro It has added four new detections that put the total at 147 since the beginning of the health crisis, although its active cases fell by three people to 27.

In La Palma Two more cases have been added to the statistic -334 in total-, although the active cases notified yesterday -three- are maintained thanks to the two epidemiological discharges signed in recent hours. In La Gomera no change has occurred and it is still a Covid free island.


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