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The climate summit will generate an impact of 148 million in Madrid

climate summit
which starts this Monday in Ifema will have a impact total, between direct and indirect income, in the economy Madrid of 148 million euros, according to the estimates communicated by the Councilor for Economy, Miguel Ángel Redondo, in the last commission of the branch. Redondo explained that a direct impact of spending of 73 million euros is estimated, to which the income from the rental of the fairgrounds should be added, for example. The councilor is clear that the forum will raise Madrid as the capital of business tourism.

For his part, the regional vice president Ignacio Aguado explained that the event will generate an income of approximately 200 million euros in the Community of Madrid.

The cost of the summit will be around 50 million euros, according to the acting minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera.

The appointment is scheduled assistance of about 25,000 people, in addition to 1,500 journalists, and in total the summit will occupy seven Ifema pavilions that occupy some 100,000 square meters, and another 13,000 square meters of meeting rooms, offices and convention centers.

A total of 1,500 employees have worked for the assembly of the summit while 4,000 people will be part of the technical staff and there will be 2,000 volunteers a day, reported the Government of Spain.

The figures of the world climate summit

On the other hand, there will be more than 200 people working from the General State Administration and Ifema will hire 300 people to provide direct support to the UN organization, with 50 engineers at the Network Coordination Center. The total area that will occupy the summit will be 113,000 square meters, with seven pavilions.

In the organization of the summit 1,400 hours have been used for the spatial design and 1,000 tons of mounting material. In addition, 35,000 hours have been spent on the design of intelligent technology and 25 kilometers of network cable, 10 kilometers of fiber optic, 700 laptops, 100 printers and 820 stations for media have been needed, with access to production Summit audiovisual, for which 1,500 journalists have been accredited.

In addition, they had to acquire 800 screens for broadcasting conferences, booths and equipment for translation into the 6 official languages ​​of the UN (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian), and 2,000 microphones.

A detail that worried until just 48 hours ago the president of the Executive Committee of Ifema, Clemente González Soler, who has acknowledged that, as there was not in Spain, they had to ask outside because they are “very important amounts for the figures that are handled normal fairs. "

”We were not worried about the number of 25,000 attendees planned, which is not very high because we can handle 50,000 people a day and we have held conferences like the one of the CPHI last year, with 43,000 in Ifema. What worried us was the fact of materializing in three weeks what takes more than a year. At the Glasgow Summit there is a team of people preparing it now and it is next year, ”he said.

There will also be 1,800 WiFi antennas, 20,000 concurrent WiFi connections (the capacity of Ifema is up to 64,000), 4,000 public IP addresses to correctly manage the demand for Internet access network routing allocation, whose access will have a speed of 8 gigabites .

Members of the UN will be responsible for the security of the 25,000 Summit attendees, as well as agents of State Security Forces and Bodies, Municipal Police, as well as 450 private security guards within the premises. There will be a security fence of three kilometers, according to the requirements of the United Nations.

In health matters, there will be 25 toilets inside, which will be supported by Samur-Civil Protection, according to data provided by the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

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