December 4, 2020

The classic of 68 cards and 292 fouls

The judge of the classic canary of 15-N is already giving notice. Tomorrow, at the Gran Canaria stadium (9:00 p.m., Movistar Partidazo) the two most booked teams of the silver competition will be measured – along with Oviedo. Arcediano Monescillo (Castilla-La Mancha Committee) will be the referee for the pulse of the 68 cards and 292 fouls committed. A rush of adrenaline.

José Mel Pérez’s team, after the first 990 minutes of LaLiga SmartBank, counts 14 goals in favor, 15 against, 38 shots on goal, 198 fouls received and 159 committed. The Gran Canaria team has seen 29 yellow cards and four red cards. Always in the sights of the referees, Las Palmas has been punished with four penalties against – while only accumulating one in favor and that was transformed by Maikel Mesa into Carlos Belmonte-. If the UD kept the arithmetic mean, until the end of the championship (42 days), Pepe Mel’s men would reach May with fifteen expulsions and another fifteen maximum penalties.

But it is that Fran Fernández’s CD Tenerife is not far behind. There are 32 yellow cards and three reds – what 35 cards do, which added to the 33 of the UD reach the remarkable figure of 68-. In the section of fouls received, it equals with those of Mel: 198. Within the section of irregularities committed, up to 133. Only Real Oviedo -33 cards- resists the wild beat of UD and Tenerife, who compete at the maximum intensity. A formula, that of stopping the rival at any price, which faces a huge test by fire tomorrow. High temperature revalidation under silence. It is the first classic without fans, but it has been labeled as “final” by the protagonists -as a button, the evaluations of Kirian Rodríguez or the tip of the ‘Tete’ Fran Sol-.

Álvaro Lemos and Zarfino

On the Gran Canaria side, there is a wicker that has already been in the stands for two games due to federative sanction. A defender full of prominence with two goals. The Galician side Álvaro Lemos has three yellows and two reds on his record – against Real Zaragoza and Cartagena-. The expulsions were caused by seeing the second card and away from Gran Canaria.

Other ‘hot’ players on the UD warning table include Fabio (three yellows) and Eric Curbelo (3). Within Fran Fernández’s group, Zarfino – three yellows and one red – appear at number one in the hard game. Wilson (four yellows), Nono (3) or Aitor Sanz (3) have also stood out in this section.

In the history of the Canarian classics, in the last 67 years, there have been 114 yellows and ten reds – the last one was Carlos Ruiz, at UD-Tenerife in January 2020-.


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