January 25, 2021

The claim as the engine of change – The Province

The claim as the engine of change - The Province

The social barriers faced by women and the micromachisms that predominate in today's society led Rut Ramos, a second-year high school student at IES Pérez Galdós in the capital of Gran Canaria, to represent a group of students on the island. of Gran Canaria to claim equity between men and women. According to this 18-year-old girl, it all began after the call convened by the National Student Union, on May 10, as a protest against the ruling issued by the Provincial Court of Navarra to the five members of The pack.

The action was carried out after the April 26, 2018 sentenced to nine years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse were acquitted of the crime of sexual assault that was initially charged. "Today we are part of this collective 14 people from different educational spaces of which three are men." Our training was produced after contacting the National Student Union, and begin to carry out all the procedures to be able to call protests on the Island. ", Ramos details.

This group also has the great challenge of being able to give talks for the different educational centers of the Island in order to raise awareness among young people regarding equality. However, the representative regrets that she has not been able to achieve this goal despite the numerous attempts that have been made to transfer the proposal to educational institutions. "We have not yet had the possibility to carry out this activity because the centers have not given us any response, but we are confident that it will be possible to realize it very soon," says the student from the capital's institute.

Also, in relation to the second legal strike to be held tomorrow throughout the national territory to claim equity between both sexes, Rut Ramos explains that he has organized the student movement with the help of the Feminist Network of Gran Canaria, "and a committee has been set up in which all the groups that have wanted it have participated. " The objective is not other than to make the claim even more massive than the one that took place last year.

Ramos is aware that it is not usual for young people to be so involved in this type of protest. In fact, her concern for social inequalities awakened after the manifestation of International Women's Day celebrated in 2018. "8M took out of me a feminist force that until now I did not know." Suddenly, I was surrounded by other women who demanded the social equality and despised machismo, and from then on, I became more and more involved ".

In the face of the concentration of tomorrow, the young woman has been concerned to encourage the participation of students so that the group has a large representation in the protest. "We have encouraged all our colleagues because it is important that young people support the movement, and even more so bearing in mind that in the education sector there continues to be a great imbalance between men and women that affects us all." Some differences that, based on their criteria, are extrapolated to the language used by teachers. "Many professors use a macho language and consider themselves feminists, but this can not be the case, because the concept of feminism also emphasizes this type of practice," insists the representative.

Also, the student is forceful in stating that one of the most important elements to eradicate machismo is "education". But not only in the academic field, but in the family and social level. "Together with the teachers, we take care of fulfilling this role in the centers, but it is necessary for society to be involved if we want our purpose to be realized," he says.

Following this line, and in order to join forces in the group that represents, Ramos does not hesitate to encourage other students to join the group. "We will be delighted to welcome any person, regardless of the educational level they are studying, who is encouraged to give voice to those students who currently do not have that possibility as a result of the repression exercised by some teachers or the State itself," he adds. .

The truth is that the young woman can not disguise her desire to continue acquiring knowledge to continue her struggle for social equality. For this reason, it has been concerned to attend training talks held in different parts of the island, search information on different Internet portals, and attend meetings that are held in the Equality Committee of the institute. "If young people do not show any kind of interest, the problem will continue to grow," he says.


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