Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

“The Civil War must learn to forgive it”

The Peridis cartoonist and writer won the Primavera Novel Award for his work “The Heart I Live With”

To José María Pérez González, known as «Peridis», words have always provided a complementary happiness to which the drawing could offer him. Viñetista, illustrator, architect and writer, this Cantabrian with such outstanding distinctions as that of Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Valladolid has just received the Novel Spring Award for his work “The Heart I Live With.” A particular mirror of memory that rescues the history of destruction of two families residing in one of these small towns located on the geographical border between Palencia and Cantabria, victim of violence and the arbitrariness of the Civil War, “a portrait of the division of affections that caused the war”, in the words of Peridis himself. Despite the confrontation that occurs between the two families as a result of the respective membership of different sides, a girl goes to one of the military before the Santander offensive occurs and says: «Look Antonio, you will go , but we continue to live together ». A clarifying example of the main claim of this work: consensus.

The writer defends the idea that there were many complicities within the fateful context of the war and also highlights the exponential flood of generosity that occurred: “They held hands and some were able to make the best of themselves. Also the worst. What happened does not have to be forgotten, but to learn to forgive it ». The author of “Waiting for the King” (Booket, 2017) says he is very grateful for the reception of an award that this year celebrates its twenty-fourth edition: “Humbly, being a humorist, a cartoonist of the daily strip, my foray into writing has been a big boost for me. The fact that the jury has chosen my book encourages me to continue betting on new projects. This award has undoubtedly rejuvenated me, ”he said excitedly for THE REASON.

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One of the keys highlighted by the jury chaired by the writer Carme Riera has been the “immense value of reconciliation” of the plot, something that the author himself reiterates: “We have to shake hands again, take away the demons from the blood and try to get a lesson from everything that happened. Never again a civil war. Never again a similar confrontation. Never again a world war ».

Despite stating that the wounds of the Civil War are still open, González is remarkably optimistic about the current political situation: «Spain is now modern, generous, prosperous, educated and prepared. Fortunately, it does not resemble anything at that time. We are integrated in the world and we are pioneers in rights and freedoms ». Freedoms that during the time chosen to build his novel were unfairly buried.


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