February 26, 2021

The Civil Registry of Ecuador, ready to marry same-sex couples

The Civil Registry of Ecuador announced on Tuesday that it is ready to marry people of the same sex, once the ruling of the Constitutional Court that legalized equal marriage was published in the Official Registry of the country.

Through a statement on their Twitter account, the Civil Registry communicated to same-sex couples "who wish to marry civil (who) can approach the institution to know the requirements, costs and schedule your appointment."

It included hours of service, as well as the value of $ 50 to celebrate the marriage at the registry headquarters and $ 250 outside those facilities.

Among the requirements explained that you must present proof of payment, as well as the identity card of both parties.

He clarified that those interested must be over 18 years of age, that the appointment can be made with a maximum of one month's notice and that, in case one of the parties or witnesses does not speak the Spanish language, they must have a translator.

Last night they were published in the Official Registry, organ of diffusion of the State as for the legal dispositions that govern the citizenship, the two sentences that the Constitutional Cut promulgated the past 12 of June in the relative thing to the marriage between people of the same sex, that ends with any impediment that could be adduced.

In the Registry appear the two sentences in their entirety with the decisions made by the high court regarding marriage between persons of the same sex.

Thus, the ruling by which that court, the highest control body of the Magna Carta, opened the door to legalize same-sex marriage after positioning itself in favor of two cases of consultation of the rule on this affair.

That decision was based on Advisory Opinion 24-17 of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CorteIDH), which in January 2018 issued on the rights of the LGBTI population to equality and non-discrimination, gender identity and family rights.

Pamela Troya, LGBTI activist, explained to Efe on Tuesday that it is still unknown when the first equal marriage will take place, but she plans to marry on August 5, "as an emblematic date because on August 5, 2013 we started the fight for marriage equalitarian "in Ecuador.

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