September 22, 2020

The Civil Guard transfers to the court a possible hate crime of the mayor of Santoña for linking Covid-19 and gypsies

The Civil Guard has given the head of the Investigating Court number 2 of Santoña (Cantabria) the crowded opened as a result of the complaint by the Association of Gypsies of the town against its socialist mayor, Sergio Abascal, for statements about the gypsy community and its behavior during the Covid-19 health crisis, have informed sources of the armed institute. Judge María Peña Lobeto will decide on the eventual admission to process of the complaint, presented for an alleged hate crime.

Last Friday, the municipal councilor explained on the municipal radio that there were six deaths from the coronavirus in the town and that five of them “would be from the gypsy community.” “It is very likely that this contagion that has been spreading in Santoña in the gypsy community could have brought about an event, celebration or funeral that took place outside our province on dates before the state of alarm was declared. We have to be vigilant because the Roma community is especially suffering from these infections. It is a significant number, to a much greater extent than the rest of the population, and we must be especially vigilant, ”said Sergio Abascal.

A person, representing the Association of Gypsies of Santoña, went to the Civil Guard to file a complaint for the alleged hate crime against Abascal and against a woman who had made racist comments on the Facebook social network. After initial checks, the Civil Guard has drawn up a certificate that has been forwarded to court number 2 in Santoña.

Abascal has subsequently said that “everything has been a misunderstanding.” “I spoke of gypsies as I would have spoken of fishermen if they were affected. I just want the surveillance measures to be extreme because they are the most affected. I apologize if someone was affected, ”says El Mundo.

In the same interview, without already mentioning the gypsy community expressly, the mayor of Santoña had requested the “forced confinement” of the most affected areas of the town by Covid-19. After transferring to the Cantabrian Ministry of Health, it obtained the endorsement of a court and the measure has been carried out, which affects about seventy people from various families, who are monitored by the police so that they do not leave their homes while they are supplied with food and other products.

Two identified by a racist whatsapp audio

The Civil Guard carries out another investigation in parallel with the content of a message distributed through WhatsApp and social networks that inflamed the spirits in the town. In the message, an individual asked that the gypsies be locked up “in the prison”, in allusion to El Dueso, and “that they sing and dance locked up there until they all die… That they are infecting everyone. Let’s see if everyone, little ones, children, grandparents and their fucking mother die, ”was heard in the message.

As reported to sources close to the investigations two individuals have already been identified due to the dissemination of the message. One of them has had a statement taken for an alleged hate crime, while the other has been postponed due to being affected by Covid-19 and serving quarantine at his home.


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