June 24, 2021

The Civil Guard suspends Antonio Manuel Guerrero, member of La Manada | Society

The Civil Guard suspends Antonio Manuel Guerrero, member of La Manada | Society

The civil guard Antonio Manuel Guerrero, one of the five members of La Manada, has been suspended this Friday from his duties in the body, as announced by the Official Gazette of the Ministry of Defense published this January 11. Guerrero, who was already suspended during the process in Pamplona for abusing an 18-year-old girl during the first night of the sanfermines of 2016, was again active "by legal imperative" since last July. The Law of Staff Regime of the Civil Guard forces to suspend from its functions the personnel processed during the time that the instruction lasts or for a maximum of six months. In July, having been provisionally released, was reactivated although without a fixed destination and during all that time he continued receiving his salary.

Now, according to the armed institute, his suspension obeys Guerrero's involvement in another alleged case of sexual abuse in the city of Pozoblanco, Cordoba, that instructs a judge of this locality, and in which they are also processed José Ángel Prenda, Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo and Jesús Escudero. The four are charged with a crime of sexual abuse and another against the privacy of a 21-year-old woman who was in a state of deep unconsciousness inside a vehicle on May 1, 2016. There, allegedly, sexually abused she and later they recorded it.

The facts of Pozoblanco came to light during the investigation of the Pamplona case. The judge investigating it warned of the existence of a video on the youth's cell phones, which showed signs of sexual abuse against Cordovan women. In her car, the magistrate of Pozoblanco confirmed those suspicions. About Guerrero already weighs a sentence of nine years in prison for the crime against the young woman in Pamplona along with four other men. All remain on provisional liberty.

The Superior Court of Justice of Navarre (TSJN) confirmed on December 5 the sentence what ruled in April the Second Section of the Hearing of Navarre to the members of La Manada to nine years in prison. However, the ruling is now in the hands of the Supreme Court, which will have to decide whether to ratify the decision of the TSJN, which had a private vote asking for 14 years for sexual assault. The court ordered the Audiencia Provincial de Navarra to issue a new sentence, because the victim was recorded while being forced.


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