March 5, 2021

The Civil Guard strengthens the investigation of fires, which rise 140%

At least 11,550 hectares have burned in five days in various forest fires, which add to a worrying year's statistics, since in the first five months has increased by 140% the number of fires of which the Civil Guard has been aware , which this year is committed to promoting research.

It is one of the figures reported today by the General Directorate of the body in a statement, which justifies the effort already made by the Civil Guard and its Nature Protection Service (Seprona) in this summer campaign, especially because he is aware that most fires are linked to the human factor.

The data of the first five months are not flattering, Efe sources point out to Efe, worried that the trend will continue and this year will close with particularly negative figures.

Between January and May the Civil Guard has been aware of 1,090 forest fires, which is more than double that in the same period of 2018, when the figure reached 521.

But in line with these data, the number of people detained or investigated for forest fire crimes has also increased very significantly, which went from 95 between January and May of last year to 178 in the same period of this year (a rise of almost 90 percent).

Only in a weekend in February, Cantabria suffered around 200 fires, all of them with the intervention of the human factor.

A review of the data of the last 15 years confirms this linkage of the human factor in the fires, which does not mean, underline the sources, that all are intentional or the work of arsonists, since a significant percentage is due to negligence or causes accidents in which man intervenes in some way.

The Civil Guard is committed to research as a measure that can also contribute, in addition to clarifying the event, to prevent and deter.

In this campaign, the nature protection teams will be reinforced in the commanders with the highest incidence of casualties of this type, with specialists in the investigation of forest fires.

In this way, the reinforcement will focus on the command posts of the Civil Guard in the four Galician provinces and in León.

The investigation is already yielding results and last June, within the Agalladeira II operation, the Ourense investigation team detained an individual for the commission of 16 fires, which caused in the vicinity of municipalities. The judge decreed his entry into prison.

According to the data to which Efe has had access, the summer of last year, somewhat atypical, the Civil Guard intervened in 434 fires, a figure significantly lower than the 619 of the summer of 2017.

For reasons, 42.6 percent were natural (almost all by lightning), while 21.9 percent were intentional (caused by arsonists or arsonists).

Likewise, 18.2 percent was caused by an accidental cause (poorly maintained power lines, engines or machines, cars …) and 17.3 percent by negligence, especially by agricultural burning.

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