The Civil Guard seeks two men for sexual assault in Vila Joiosa | Society

The Civil Guard seeks two men for sexual assault in Vila Joiosa | Society

The Civil Guard is looking for two men for a sexual assault denounced by a worker at the Vila Joiosa hospital (Alicante), which took place on one of the roads leading to the downtown parking lot on Monday night, when the woman was finishing her shift. work.

The events took place around 22.12, have confirmed sources from the Provincial Headquarters of Alicante and the Hospital Management, where a concentration of condemnation has been held and in protest of what happened. The woman was assaulted when, at the end of her shift, she left her belongings in her car to return to her hometown. The alleged attackers tried to steal her bag and then tried to sexually assault her, although the victim resisted and prevented them from consummating the attack.

The two men wore full-face helmets, but the woman was able to recognize a tattoo. The worker managed to call 112 and was treated by her colleagues and received psychological attention. The investigation is in the hands of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard, while the security team of the health center studies the images of the cameras to try to locate the alleged aggressors in the event that they returned to go through the hospital.

For its part, the Board of Personnel and the management team of Vila Joiosa Hospital have held on Tuesday a rally outside the center of "repulse" for "unfortunately, increasingly common attacks against women", a fact which is "terrible"

The center's manager, Rosa Louice Sereceda, explained that the worker left work at 10 pm and was assaulted on a "somewhat remote" road, since the employee entered her position at 3:00 pm and found no room in the parking lot.

When the aggression occurred at the end of the working day, according to the manager, it is considered a fact in itinere. The Department of Health "will support the worker in everything, of course".

The responsible recalled that there is budgeted and "about to start now" the construction of a new car park with "perfect lighting and cameras" and added that they will ask the City Council to better illuminate the road although the events happened in a road and "is more difficult".


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