The Civil Guard recovers and destroys an artillery shell from the battle of Teruel

The Civil Guard recovers and destroys an artillery shell from the battle of Teruel

Specialists of the GREIM (mountain) of the Civil Guard of Mora Rubielos (Teruel), have removed an artillery projectile from the last Civil War, which was at the bottom of the "El Paul" chasm, Manzanera term (Teruel), in the Sierra de Jalambre.

To raise it, all security measures were taken to the extreme. For this they had to assemble a system of "mobile head on guide rope", like those used in caving-relief maneuvers. Once the extraction was finished, already on the surface, specialists from the GEDEX, Explosives Deactivation Specialist Group, from Zaragoza and EBYL, Explosives Search and Location Team, from the Teruel Command, for their destruction.

In the middle of the Civil War, in 1938, the Republican Army carried out an important operation in this area, especially in the municipalities of Manzanera and Sarrión, with the aim of unbalancing the adverse results that, during the spring of 1938, and since the loss of Teruel, they were suffering.

The Republicans tried to divert the attention of Franco's troops from the Ebro area and for this reason an offensive was carried out in the Sierra de Javalambre. The objective was to progress to the Sagunto-Burgos general highway, and pocket Franco's troops in the sector.

In short, an attempt was made to achieve a new “passage of the Ebro”. Numerous artillery pieces were used and various units of tanks and armored trucks. All these forces achieved a resounding initial success, although the Francoists did not take long to react. These circumstances do not indicate that the projectile recovered by the Civil Guard was one of those launched by the Republican side, but rather that it could have belonged to the units of the other side.