July 25, 2021

The Civil Guard recovers 92 Celtiberian pieces of great historical value

The Civil Guard recovers 92 Celtiberian pieces of great historical value

The Civil Guard in the framework of the operation "Muserola" has arrested four people and has investigated another, for his presumed participation in different degrees of authorship in the crimes of damage in archaeological site, misappropriation and reception. The investigation began last November as a result of the permanent monitoring carried out by the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Seprona), news, reviews and announcements in specialized media about illegal trade in antiquities, the tracking of publications written and web pages of the sector. As a result of this monitoring, the agents detected the sale of several spear tips.

After the first investigations, the agents identified and They located an advertiser in the town of Burgos, who was intervened a lot of 50 pieces of metal of notorious antiquity that were studied and cataloged by the Museum of Burgos. From the expert report issued by the same on the recovered objects it was possible to specify that they were of "recent spoliation", which gave way to the opening of the "Muserola" operation.

As a result of this discovery, the investigation was intensified, to find out and locate the excavated site and to identify those responsible (spoilers, vendors and receptionists), as well as to recover all the antiquities. Result of this investigation, the Civil Guard proceeded to register two homes and proceeded to arrest those responsible (one in the province of Toledo and three in Burgos), and to the investigation of another person more involved in the purchase of several tips in Cantabria.

It should be noted that in one of the registers They have seized 23 grams of cocaine, two grams of heroin, a precision scale and other objects related to drug trafficking. Likewise, the criminal pyramid has been clarified and identified to the plunderer, who worked in an aggregate farm adjacent to the site, casually discovering the tips.

Recovered 92 archaeological pieces

According to the experts consulted, everything indicates that it could be a votive deposit of weapons of Celtiberian origin, from the 4th century BC. Among the recovered pieces, mostly made of iron, there are spear points, an iron sword, dagger blades, horse bites, museros, regatones … some already restored with some rigor by some of the buyers to facilitate their resale or simply plastering them for collectors' reasons.

It highlights a sword type "La Tène" of which there is no known in the province, only two in the entire Autonomous Community (Soria and Avila), and a dagger scabbard type "Monte Bernorio-Miraveche". The 92 pieces of an incalculable historical and patrimonial value, have been deposited in the Museum of Burgos for its study, restoration and exhibition, entity that has actively collaborated in the investigation.

It should be noted, the difficulty to get to get the exact place where the expolio was carried out (an old Celtiberian settlement already cataloged in the province), since in the majority of the occasions it is never known. The Civil Guard, aware of the extensive and rich archaeological, historical and cultural Spanish heritage, does not give up its preservation and protection, an easy task due to the volume and dispersion of these goods.

The operation has been directed by the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Burgos and Environmental Prosecutor's Office, where the proceedings have been delivered, and coordinated by the Seprona Section of the Commandery of Burgos.


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