The Civil Guard records for two hours the house of the alleged inducer of the murder of Ardines

The Civil Guard records for two hours the house of the alleged inducer of the murder of Ardines

The Civil Guard arrived with the detainee after nine in the morning and were inside the house, attached to the victim, almost until 11.00. The detainee was at all times covering his head with a hood and handcuffed, i nforma Ep.

The agents toured with Pedro Luis N.A. all the dependencies of the house, including the two parking spaces that the house has, in search of evidence that helps to solve the murder of the mayor of Llanes. After the search, the agents came out with several cardboard boxes with belongings of the detainee.

For the moment, the proceedings are still secret and it is not ruled out that there may be more detainees. It is expected that Pedro Luis N. will not go to court until tomorrow or Friday.

The Civil Guard stopped early yesterday at his home in Amorebieta (Vizcaya) to Pedro L.N.A. as alleged mastermind of the crime committed on August 16, 2018 in Belmonte de Pría, a few meters from the home of Ardines in this council of the east coast of Asturias, reports Efe.

The investigators consider that the arrested one committed the crime to two non-professional hired killers moved by jealousy and with the collaboration of a fourth arrested.

The detainee, married to a cousin of the councilor's wife, maintained a close friendship with the victim forged in his stays in Llanes, where he has a house very close to Ardines and also attended some weekends because of its proximity to Amorebieta, little more than 200 kilometers, although since the crime was committed was not seen again in Llanes.

Sources close to the investigation consider that Pedro L.N.A. He commissioned the crime driven by jealousy in the face of a possible relationship between his wife and the councilor, and used the help of an acquaintance, also arrested in Vizcaya, as well as one of the two alleged Algerians who committed the crime, while in the In the case of the second, the procedures for his extradition from Switzerland have been initiated.


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