May 31, 2020

The Civil Guard prevents a group of people from entering Mass in the Valley of the Fallen

The Civil Guard has prevented this Saturday the access to the Valley of the Fallen to a group of people trying to enter the mass of the basilica, which closed this Friday waiting for the exhumation of Franco's remains.

The facts have been reported on Twitter by different ultras associations that criticized that they have criticized that the Civil Guard "pays homage to the profane and prevents the entry of patriots and Catholics who have attended Mass":

Civil Guard sources, cited by EFE, have explained that in the incident about thirty people have been involved, of which one was intercepted by agents while trying to enter the premises.

This group that shouted for their "right to freedom of worship" and have issued slogans such as "we want to go to Mass" or insults towards the agents that prevented them from passing.

The complex will remain closed until the exhumation takes place although it is allowed the passage to the Hospedería and the restaurant by reservation, as they have explained from the center.

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